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Huge Cock Worship in Arabian Tales 2

June 28th, 2015
Boxcover for gay XXX movie Arabian Tales 2

Arabian Tales 2

Studio: Alexander Pictures

Directors: Alexander

Stars: Hamzan Majid, Jalal Aldin, Muzzafar, Nijad Hayyan, Shakir Dabir, Khalaf Mujib

Somewhere in Arab country, in an abandoned building, Wally Allah, a muscled, Muslim with a boyish face, but a mannish cock is being caressed and pleasured by Mujahid, a goateed, tattooed, hottie that loves to attempt to place his large, wet tongue around Wally’s half-meter-long cock. I say attempt because Wally’s uncut rod is not only a giant in length, but also humongous in width. The scene is decidedly centered around this gigantic man pole as the camera angles play with the viewer’s sense of wonderment. After a rimming scene worthy of an Academy Award, it becomes a wonder how Mujahid’s ass is able to completely envelope Wally’s man cock which, at its hardest, is the size of Sudan. While getting fucked, Mujahid’s own hard hammer bounces with pounding delight until both hotties blow their cannons with white gun powder!

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Sahara Heat Ignites Arabian Passion in Arabesque

June 21st, 2015
Boxcover for gay XXX movie Arabesque

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Directors: Chris Ward
Stars: Remy Delaine, François Sagat, Huessein, Joey Russo, Sarib, Colin West, Remy Delaine

A long time ago, in a far away place…. beneath the shimmering sun of the hot Sahara was a land of fire and flame–a romantic world of forgotten dreams that harkens back to a bygone age where men ruled the desert from horseback and found sexual pleasure in their violent lusts and desires. The powerful drumbeat of the Arabian heart drove men into each other’s arms, a co-mingling of sweat and passion that filled deep-rooted needs, the result of a lonely existence surrounded by sand and palm. This place is the setting for Arabesque. Arabesque emerges from the silent films of Rudolph Valentino, starting in black and white and quickly turning into a lush, colorful photoplay. We peer into the hustle and bustle of a marketplace where a dozen hot Arabian men, hairy, built, and beautiful, conduct the business of life–buying and selling goods, gossiping about the village… eyeing each other and perhaps wondering about unthinkable thoughts… Slowly the scene thins out as men go back to their houses, some carrying new guns from the arms merchant, others with carpets, some with food. Finally five remain–the hottest men of all, each thirsting for something more than the cool water of the market fountain…

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20 Young Kurds and Turks Jerk Off in Zip Solo 1

June 14th, 2015
Boxcover for gay XXX movie Zip Solo 1

Zip Solo 1
Studio: Zip Productions
Directors: Ben Tanam and Murat Bal

Turkish men with their true masculinity and untamed nature have a unique, fascinating appeal. Twenty hot solo-scenes prove that horny boys don’t need a partner to have steamy sex. Zip Productions invited the hottest studs with the biggest dicks to a hotel and asked them to let it all hang out. 20 young Kurds and Turks are jerking off in front of the camera in Zip Solo 1. Jack off with these hotties now!

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Tattooed Amir Shows Muscles and Cock

May 29th, 2015

Amir is a tattooed Turk boy who loves showing off his muscles and cock at Istanboys.

Amir strips for us in the kitchen, revealing his tight muscled body and masculine tattoo. His washboard belly gives me an instant hard on. Then, he shows off his tight ass and turns around. He’s got a huge, hard, curved dick. Yep, now I am achingly hard and ready for action with this hot Turk stud!

Wanna cum? See more of Amir and other hot, young, hard Turks at Istanboys now!

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Arab Boys Jack Off in Maghreb Solo

May 22nd, 2015
Boxcover for gay XXX movie Maghreb Solo

Maghreb Solo
Studio: Casbah Films
Director: Casbah Films

They all vowed not to hide anymore. Watch these 14 native Tunisian boys get down and dirty. Each of these horny Arabs jacks off his cock outside in the Maghreb Solo. Join these hard North African studs for a cum explosion of your own now!

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Perfect Arabian Fuckers

May 15th, 2015
Boxcover for gay XXX movie Arabian Fuckers

Arabian Fuckers
Studio: Stallionprod
Director: Stallionprod

Don’t miss these young, free-minded Arabic guys who are showing you just what they have to work with! They have the perfect bodies, the perfect skin, the perfect circumcised cock, and they know exactly what they are doing with all of it! We hope you will enjoy this erotic man-on-man film full of Arabian Fuckers!

Stars: Badredine  Karim  Abdellaoui  Kamed  Mohamed  Sa’id

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Sailor Gets Thrill with Arabian Men

May 8th, 2015
Boxcover for gay XXX movie Arabian Men

Arabian Men
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Director: Alexander

Beginning on a naval base in San Diego, California, a hot, butch, blond, sailor surveys his warship docked in the blue-watered bay. The cold, stark, solitude of the ship adds to the mystery of a package the American sailor suddenly receives from somewhere in the middle East. Wrapped in Arab language newspaper, a DVD is discovered. The sailor pops the DVD into his laptop in a secluded area on the ship and watches and first with trepidation, but later with amazement and erotic pleasure. See what he discovered now!

Models: Jafan Al Din Dhakir Bashshar Shihad Tay Mullah Ferran

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Beefy Turk Anouar Shows Hard Cock in Kitchen

May 1st, 2015

Istanboys features beefy thick-dicked Turk Anouar.

Beefy thick-dicked Turk AnouarBeefy thick-dicked Turk AnouarBeefy thick-dicked Turk AnouarBeefy thick-dicked Turk Anouar

Horny dark Anouar poses in the kitchen. He’s got a sexy eyebrow stud piercing; I give his sexy eyebrow stud a lick with my hungry tongue. This turns on Anouar, so his thick-cock gets instantly hard. He strips down to his briefs and jeans, then out pops his thick, hard dick. He removes all his clothing, sits down, and shows off his bulging muscles keeping his cock rigid. Then, Anouar stands back up to show his tight ass. Off camera, I proceed to lick his beefy chest muscles and work my way down to his cock. I eagerly slide his thick dick into my mouth. I work his cock over in my mouth and throat forcing him to spurt a creamy white load of cum!

Get a load of more hot, young Turks at Istanboys now.

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Dark Arab Hisham Abdul Has an Uncut Dick

April 25th, 2015

Hisham Abdul is a dark, tattooed, solid Arab showing himself off at Arabian Dicks. Unlike most Arabs, he has an uncut dick, so delightful for sucking!

Dark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dickDark Arab Hisham Abdul has an uncircumcised dick

You’ll get off with more pictures of Hisham and some hot action videos of him with his Arab buddies at Arabian Dicks. Check it out now!

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Akram Safi 3

April 17th, 2015
Steamy Gay pictures and videos at Arabian Dicks
Akram Safi has one of those smiles that just make you believe that he has a huge cock under those loose fitting pants. Go whit him as he exposes his member and shows you how he can make it jump and almost cum on command.
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You Owe Yourself The Pleasure!

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